Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you for taking interest in my campaign for US Congress, our campaign to transform politics. In the coming days I look forward to sharing more details here, and to meeting you, my fellow residents of Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

I am a first-generation American, proudly raised in a multiethnic family of immigrants. In 1978, my father came to the United States from Iran, and fell in love with my mother, a South Korean immigrant. I was nine when my family moved to Southern Nevada, where they raised me to lead a life committed to social justice. That is why I am here today, asking for your support to serve you in public office.

I am a graduate of Green Valley High School and The University of Nevada Las Vegas, where I received the first college degree in my family. During graduate school and ever since, I have been politically active both locally and internationally. I have consulted on US Government-led global literacy initiatives and worked in several post-conflict zones with the World Bank. In Washington, DC, I worked with community organizations to advocate for critical programs that serve working class families. Since returning home to Nevada to build my family’s small business, I’ve continued my commitment to social justice through filmmaking, amplifying the voices of marginalized people fighting for their rights, at home and abroad. Throughout, I have been a vocal member of our community resisting the current administration’s exclusionary policies and their impact on Nevadans.

My unique background has taught me how to listen deeply to people’s stories, their struggles and challenges, and transform these stories into effective action. In conversations with fellow Nevadans, I have already heard countless stories that require national attention and bold policy solutions: young people facing crushing college debt; families struggling to make ends meet; senior citizens unable to access quality healthcare; veterans experiencing chronic unemployment and homelessness; and stories of women, people of color, immigrants, and the LBGTQ community confronting the discriminatory policies coming from the current administration.

This campaign will give voice to these stories, many of which my own family shares. Like so many Nevadans, we lost our home during the foreclosure crisis that decimated working and middle class families across the country, and like millions of Americans, we too experienced the hardship of medical bankruptcy after my father fell ill. When I finally laid my father to rest here in our district, I felt my story become a part of so many Nevadans’ who share this land. With your help, together, let us transform our community so stories like these are no longer common in our land.

I invite you to join our movement to transform our politics and make it work for us as a people. Please join our mailing list, volunteer, and donate what you can. This is your campaign - together let us build our future.



Hermon Farahi

Candidate for Nevada's 3rd Congressional District